Introduction to R programming Language

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R is an object oriented programming language designed to provide facilities like data manipulation, data visualization and statistical data calculations. R provides various operators for matrix and vector manipulations. Much like Python, R provides command line interpreter for easy access. Be it primary school math , high school math or may be higher Mathematics, you can do it all on R’s interactive command line interpreter.

> 3 + 2
[1] 5
> log10(100)
[1] 2

So if you are new to R then you have come to right place. …

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In this digital era, security has always been a main concern for developers as well as the end users. As smartphones users are increasing day by day, more and more smartphone applications are being developed. According to Statista,

Over 2 million apps are available for download at Google Play Store and around 1.83 million at Apple App Store.

Most of these apps require user identification for privacy and security. Therefore, first goal of any application that require security is to provide Authentication.

Firebase Authentication is one of the most commonly used authentication service. So in this article, we are going…

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Data is almost never perfect. Data Scientist spend more time in preprocessing dataset than in creating a model. Often we come across scenario where we find some missing data in data set. Such data points are represented with NaN or Not a Number in Pandas. So it is very important that we discover columns with NaN/null values in early stages while analyzing data.

We have covered many methods in Pandas library and if you haven’t read previous articles, I recommend you to go through those articles to get in a flow. …

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If you haven’t read the first article then it is advised that you go through that before continuing with this article. You can find that article here. So far we have learned how to access data in different ways. Now we will learn how to analyze data to get better understanding and then to manipulate it.

So just to give overview, in this article we are going to learn

  1. How to summarize data?
  2. How to manipulate data?

Summarizing Data

We have been using different methods to view data which is helpful if we wanted to summarize data for specific rows or columns…

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I started learning Data Science like everyone else by creating my first model using some machine learning technique. My first line of code was :

import pandas as pd

Apart from noticing a cuddly bear name, I didn’t pay much attention to this library but used it a lot while creating models. …

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Python have some tricks which can help us code faster. We do learn it as beginner but tend to forget over the time due to lack of experience. So here are some of those tricks which beginners should keep in mind and try to use more often for efficient coding.


All numbers instead of 0 is true and all strings instead of empty string “” is true in a boolean statement.

if 0:
elif "spam":
>> spam


We can define strings using single (‘) or double (“) quote. We can include single quotes inside double and vice verse…

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Authentication is very important aspect of security in this digital era. It is basic building block for any security mechanism. If you are developing an android app which allows users to register to your app, then implementing authentication plays vital role in securing user privacy. In this article we are going to learn how we can add Firebase authentication in android project. If you are new to Firebase and want to get started with it then read this article to setup Firebase in Android Studio.

Initial Setup

In order to add Firebase Authentication, open android project in Android Studio. …

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Firebase is a mobile platform which provides various facilities like authentication, real time database, storage to build a professional app in no time. All these features are very important for modern mobile application specially those which require user accounts. So if you are new to Firebase and wanted to get started with it then you have come to right place.

In this article, I am going to show you how to add Firebase to android project in Android Studio. First thing that we need to do is open our android Project in Android Studio if already created or create a…


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